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the one thing I am so sure of

Over a super good cup of coffee with a girlfriend yesterday, I somehow landed on talking about the amount of growth I have experienced over the past year and a half. What started as a simple "have you always been a believer" turned into me sitting in tears later last night, in complete awe of who Jesus is to me- thanking Him for His wisdom, provision, + grace.
Two years ago, I was a girl living in full fledged fear of all the things; romance, true friendship, weight gain/fitness goals, rejection- honestly, you name it + I was probably afraid of it. During this time of feeling like I could never get on my feet, the Lord was shaping me so tenderly into who I am today; a girl that is still so unsure of a lot of things, but confident in one thing: the heart of Jesus.

What I did not mention is that somewhere in this year and a half, I went from a strong believer of Jesus to a very skeptical one. I just couldn't seem to believe that God truly wanted good things for me, looking a…

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