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always and only

Hi friends! As most of you know, I share my heart in my most raw seasons in hopes you learn with me and we turn our eyes to the eternal and bring God the glory as a result! I am currently in a season that I did not want to face but it is producing in me something great. I want to encourage you to give serious thought to what it would look like for you to seek the Lord and lean on Him for your strength, believing He is the ultimate provider and living beneath the wings of his grace, love, and hope, even in the midst of your toughest and most hopeless storm. 
The past six months, I have desired to truly own my faith and believe Jesus to be all He claims to be. I felt a lot of guilt about this even being a struggle, but once I began to speak out I learned that it is crucial to our walk with the Lord because once we get through our doubt, we are closer to Him than ever before. It is in our weakness that He makes us strong (2 Corinthians 12:9-11) and I am here to show you how He is doing th…

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